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310E Explosion-proof ball valve

The explosion-proof valve has the advantages of simple structure, fast switching, large flow capacity, zero leakage characteristics, widely used in petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, light industry and other industrial automation field of medium gas and liquid pipelines in the circulation or cut off.
    Our 310E explosion-proof ball valve is divided into electric explosion-proof ball valve and pneumatic explosion-proof ball valve, electric series with the overall explosion-proof electric actuator, explosion-proof grade up to ExdIICT4. Pneumatic series is based on the pneumatic ball valve explosion-proof solenoid valve, explosion-proof limit switches and other accessories, explosion-proof grade up to ExdIICT6. Explosion-proof ball valve has the characteristics of simple structure, quick switching, large circulation capacity and zero leakage. It is widely used in the field of industrial automation such as petrochemical industry, metallurgy, light industry and so on. It is the cutting or circulation of medium in gas and liquid pipeline.

Design features
Full diameter design, no barrier
Fire type seal structure
Anti-spray valve stem structure
Anti - static device
Anti - low leakage design packing and stuffing box
ISO 5211 connection platform
Can be equipped with a variety of implementing agencies
Technical parameter
Type of body:Two block through casting valve.
Nominal diameter:DN15~250mm;NPS 1/2~10".
Nominal pressure:PN1.6~6.4MPa;CALSS 150~300LB.
Applicable temperature:PTFE(-40~+150℃)
Connection form:Flange(GB、HG、ASNI、JIS)
Applicable medium:Water, oil, gas and other media.
Actuator:Electric actuator, pneumatic actuator .
Enclosure:Positioner ,Solenoid valve,Limit switch,Pressure relief valve,handwheel 
Control valve selection
The selection of control valves in industrial control valve selection process is particularly important, due to the various working parameters in different, choose to meet the technological requirements and the best cost control valves need experienced technical staff. Refined Europe (GEROYAL) company based on years of control valve selection calculation experience, independently developed "control valve selection software" can effectively improve the control valve selection efficiency and accuracy. GEROYAL software control valve selection, a code generation control valve comprehensive performance parameters, such as control valves, control valve specifications, calculation of control valve selection scheme comparison for the comprehensive technical documentation requirements of working condition.
case analysis
Control valve product coverage, some special cases often appear in complex condition, we GEROYAL company technical department can provide case control valve structure, materials and accessories such as a full range of your analysis report.
Provide higher implementation standards
As one of the pressure control valve pressure piping components shall be in strict accordance with relevant industry standards in design, production and testing, in strict accordance with relevant industry standards GEROYAL control valve products and design, production and testing according to a higher standard version for customers.